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Memory Foam Mattress | Higher Quality at Half the Price

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lifetime warranty
Free Delivery
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90 Day Sleep Test
sleep test
Back Sleepers – Click Here for Serene Sleep 10″ Mattress
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Back, Side and Stomach Sleepers – Click Here for Tranquility 12″ Mattress
ice cream sandwich for htc desire hdIf You’re a Side or Stomach Sleeper, or a Combination of Side, Stomach and Back, Check Out Our 12″ Tranquility.It’s got a top layer of 4″ of Pure Memory Foam For the Optimum in Support and Comfort.
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All Position Sleepers Who Just Sleep HOT! – Click Here for Royal Luxury 14″ Mattress
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For All Position Sleepers Who Want a Little Resilience – windows media player 7

Memory Foam Mattress Secrets

A Cool Memory Foam Mattress …?

It’s Not Your Fault…

but I discovered a secret, in 2002, that changed my sleep life forever.

Foreign manufacturers also use clay additives to give the foam a false density rating.

The second thing you should know is the density of the foam.

The third thing you should know is the thickness of the top layer of memory foam.

The fourth thing you want to look for is that the foam is temperature sensitive.

I use the very finest American poured memory foam.

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    It also deadens annoying motion transfer, so you can sleep, even with a restless sleep partner.

    All my mattresses come with a 90 day 100% satisfaction guarantee.

    Here’s what Linda Jackson of Scottsboro, Alabama had to say about her recent purchase:

    For approximately six weeks I have been sleeping on my new memory foam mattress—

    After formerly sleeping only three or four hours most nights, I most often now sleep seven to nine;

    I definitely did not want to get out of bed!

    I do not wake up with back aches any more, and I feel rested when I do arise.

    As a senior citizen, I feel that this mattress has made a great, positive difference for me.

    The only caution that I have is that one might become lazy as a result of sleeping on this mattress.

    In addition, the customer service was excellent;

    having been a teacher, I would give you an A+, Mr. Harmon.

    Thank you. Lin Jackson

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  • And here’s another from Chad Dover from Pocatello, Idaho:

    Hey, Chuck, we just wanted to tell you how happy we are with the matress.

    My back feels awsome in the morning and tara (my pregnant wife) feels the same.

    We just wanted to thank you for providing the means for a freakin killer nights sleep!!!

    Chad and Tara Dover Pocatello, ID

    And Dave Gersten from Tampa, Florida said:

    The last mattress we had was one of those “it’s the best”.

    After having it for about a year, it is by far the worst, NO comparison to yours.

    However, now with [your 5 questions] ammunition, and after letting the sales guy dig himself a hole,

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    Dave was very happy that he had the “ammunition” (5 questions to ask)

    Speaking of questions

    Does Memory Foam Sleep Hot?

    That would be a shame for both of us.

    Is there a way to put a price on that?

    So, you’re getting FREE shipping a $159 to $399 value

    You’re getting a Premium Mattress Protector with free shipping a $95 to $155 value

    My 90 Day Low Risk Sleep Test

    Sleep for Life Lifetime Warranty

    Total $254 to $554 Value

    Or go online and order here:

    Still Not Sure?

    Let me ask you a question, would that be alright?

    But my mattress carries the Lifetime Warranty so it’s much, much less than that.

    I think we both know the answer to that question, don’t we?

    Drop those two measly quarters in and start getting the restful sleep you deserve.

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  • Judge Gives Bailiff Sleep Lecture

    So he asks the golden questions.

    When asked if there was any type of return policy, the response was..."Well, not at this price!"

    Judge Tom
  • 100% American Materials

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  • Charles C Harmon Co. Uses No Foreign Foams in Our Products!
  • Charles C Harmon Co LLC
    A Family Owned Business

    We're a Family Owned Business

  • Polyurethane Foam Association

    " one of the most important of all foam properties.

    Polyurethane Foam Association

  • Nat'l Sleep Foundation
    Touts Memory Foam Benefits

  • How To Test Mattress Back Support